Most people associate acne with those “awkward” teenage years, when the body floods with hormones that cause the skin to produce excess oil. In boys this leads to shine, blackheads and inflamed blemishes, while in girls, the combination of puberty and the menstrual cycle often causes recurrent breakouts.


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كيف يمكن التخلّص من أثار بعد حب الشباب؟

تشتهر أثار بعد حب الشباب بصعوبة علاجها. يمكن أن تساعد بعض العلاجات داخل العيادات مثل تسحيج الجلد الدقيق، والتشقير الكيميائي، والليزر، والوخز بالإبر الدقيقة. على نحو مثالي، يجب منع تشكّل أثار بعد حب الشباب في المقام الأول، باستخدام أدوية مناسبة مثل المضادات الحيوية والأيزوتريتينوين. يجب سؤال الصيادلة أيضًا عن مستحضر العناية الاحترافية بالبشرة يوميًا مثل مجموعة إيفاكلار.

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كيف يمكن التخلّص من حب الشباب؟

يمكن السيطرة على حب الشباب البسيط باستخدام الحلول الجلدية المناسبة. يجب تنظيف البشرة برفق مرتين يوميًا باستخدام ماء الميسيلار أو جل التنظيف الرغوي. يُتبع ذلك بمستحضرات العناية اليومية بالبشرة، التي تشتمل على مكوّنات فعّالة مثل حمض الساليسيليك والنياسيناميد البيروكتون أولامين. إذا لم تكن تلك التدابير كافية، فيُرجى الرجوع إلى طبيب الجلدي للسؤال عن العلاجات الدوائية مثل الريتينويدات والمضادات الحيوية والأيزوتريتينوين.

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ما سبب حب الشباب؟

في حالة حب الشباب، يتسبب خلل في توزان هرمونات تدعى الأندروجينات في إنتاج الغدد الدهنية للكثير من الدهون. وتسبب الهرمونات ذاتها زيادة إنتاج المسام في بطانة خلايا البشرة. ثم تتعرّض المسام للانسداد بسبب خليط من الخلايا والإفرازات الدهنية، وتصبح أرض خصبة للبكتيريا المسببة لحب الشياب. يؤدي ذلك إلى أنواع متعدّدة من البثور، التي تتراوح بين البقع الحمراء والبثور والتكيسات المؤلمة.

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كيف يمكن التخلّص من حب الشباب في الظهر؟

يمكن السيطرة على حب الشباب البسيط في الجسم باستخدام الحلول الجلدية المناسبة. يجب تنظيف البشرة مرتين يوميًا باستخدام جل تنظيف رغوي. يُتبع ذلك بمستحضرات العناية اليومية بالبشرة، التي تشتمل على مكوّنات فعّالة مثل حمض الساليسيليك والنياسيناميد البيروكتون أولامين. إذا لم تكن تلك التدابير كافية، فيُرجى الرجوع إلى طبيب الجلدي للسؤال عن العلاجات الدوائية مثل الريتينويدات والمضادات الحيوية والأيزوتريتينوين.

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Recent studies have shown that high Glycemic Index foods - the ones that cause blood sugar to spike- can make acne worse. We know it's easier said than done, but to keep your skin happy, steer away from sweets, sugary drinks, and goodies made from white flour and stick to high-fiber foods, like whole grains and pulses, instead.
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Even if it seems like a quick fix, squeezing a pimple will actually make things worse for your acne-prone skin as it could actually damage the infected hair follicle and increase inflammation. You could even introduce a new infection with your fingernails. So popping zits is a harmful habit and best avoided!
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There is no solid evidence that chocolate has any effect on acne, even if everyone is different so acne could cause breakouts to some people. Dark chocolate is actually filled with skin-loving anti-oxidants!
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A common acne myth is that grease on your plate translates to more oil in your pores, but there is no direct link between the two. However, a diet rich in saturated fat can fuel micro-inflammation in all of the body's organs, including the skin. In short, bacon and chips won't cause acne, but moderation is the best policy for overall health.
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Many teens try to camouflage their acne-prone skin with heavy, pore-clogging cosmetics, which only further exacerbates the problem. To prevent imperfections, using gentle cleansers skin and dermocosmetics with the right active ingredients is helpful at managing teen acne prone skin in many cases.

If the situation gets worse, your dermatologist will advise the right way to manage your acne-prone skin.

In this section, we’ll give you the low-down on teenage acne, from causes and symptoms to solutions and treatments. We’ll also offer lots of practical tips to quickly get you on the right track towards clear skin. You’ll also find an article explaining why many teen acne treatments seem to take time to work, and why “overnight cures” that you might find online are to be taken with a generous pinch of salt.

How can acne be treated?
By Dr Deshayes - dermatologist

Learn more about polymorphic acne and how to treat it. Dermatologist answer your question
"p>We generally talk about polymorphic acne. Polymorphic means that there are two types of lesions. Firstly, non-inflammatory lesions, i.e. lesions where a small plug - a blackhead - prevents the sebum from being eliminated and causes a build up of sebum deep down in the gland. This is called a micro cyst. Secondly, there are inflammatory lesions. In this case, sebum which is inflamed internally changes and causes inflammation.

The sebaceous gland breaks and leads to the formation of inflammatory lesions in the form of pimples or white-heads. Depending on the type of acne there may be a combination of both of these lesions. In the most severe forms there will be large number of micro cysts and blackheads as well as inflammatory lesions. Both types of lesions must be treated. Inflammatory eruptions should be treated locally with products such as benzoyl peroxide which has a very effective anti-inflammatory effectand should be applied in the evening. Avoid using local antibiotics because you may become resistant to them. In the case of the non-inflammatory lesions the plug which prevents sebum from being eliminated has to be removed using products which need to be aggressive. We would start treatment by using mild products such as fruit acids and especially LHA which is well tolerated and very effective. If these fruit acids are not effective or well tolerated we would proceed to the next step: drugs containing all vitamin A acid derivation therefore tretinoine which have a stripping action and consequently cause mild irritation. Do not forget to compensate for the dryness caused by the treatment by using moisturisers suitable for this skin type in the morning. If the inflammatory lesions are too large oral antibiotics - cyclines - can be prescribed for their anti-inflammatory action.

This oral treatment should preferably be taken in the evening. Care should be taken to avoid exposure to the sun as cyclines can be photo-sensitizing. Treatment is relatively long; about 2 or 3 months as a rule. Zinc can be also be used and hormonal therapy may be prescribed for girls. In fact, some contraceptive pills are used to treat acne and may resolve such problems easily. For more severe acne oral isotretinoins, which have quite severe side effects will be prescribed. Finally, prevention is the best treatment for scars so avoid touching, fiddling with, or bursting the pimples. If the scars persist after the acne is treated it is possible to resort to treatments such as the use of lasers which effectively reduce their appearance.

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EFFACLAR DUO(+) has been shown to prevent premenstrual acne relapses in a clinical study versus placebo.

Source: Clinical study by Prof. Dréno (Nantes, France) on 32 women, average age 25, twice daily application of Effaclar Duo (+) to the right hemi-face vs. placebo on the left hemi-face. Lesion counts over 2 successive cycles.


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