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Pigmentclar Serum

Intensive dark spot correcting serum

“Nice serum ”

I recommend everyone who have similar issues relating to uneven skin tone. One of the best products I use and will always use.

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    Dark spots, dull complexion: the new dermatologist correction with long-lasting effect*.

    * The serum's efficacy continues even 3 weeks after the application cessation (application during 12weeks)

    30ml bottle

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      Dark spots, pigment flaws. Dull and uneven complexion.
      INNOVATION PIGMENTCLAR: This anti-dark spot serum with long lasting efficacy* offers a global correcting approach, to even out visibly the complexion, with results sustained in time.

      Highly concentrated in [LHA], this serum offers gentle surface exfoliation to quickly unify the complexion.
      Thanks to its powerful anti dark-spot complex [PhE-Resorcinol + Ginkgo + Ferulic Acid], this serum significantly reduces the dark spots and pigment irregularities.

      Light, hydrating and fluid texture.

      * Serum anti-dark spot efficacy maintained for up to 3 weeks after use cessation (12 weeks' use) - Cosmeto-clinical study on 30 subjects

      Product efficacy


      • 76 %
      • of women have a fresher
        skin tone
      • 71 %
      • have a more
        vibrant look

      SINCE 2 WEEKS*

      • 82 %
      • of women find their
        complexion more radiant
      • 80 %
      • find their skin
        more even

      *Cosmeto-clinical studies on 51 subjects.

      Texture & application

      Apply to the whole face and neck line, morning or evening.
      Use a sunscreen of SPF 15 minimum during the day.
      Avoid the eye contour.
      Tolerance tested under dermatologist supervision on sensitive skin. Paraben-free.
      Pigmentclar Serum packshot from Pigmentclar, by La Roche-Posay