EFFACLAR is the #1 skincare range for oily acne-prone skin in Europe with proven efficacy on more than 26 000 subjects*. Based on more than 70 scientific studies, EFFACLAR is a complete range of anti-imperfection solutions that targets all the stages of the imperfection life cycle with a high efficacy, while ensuring tolerance.
Dark Spots Blackheads Dryness Imperfection Marks Oilness Scars Skin Under Drying Treatment Sun Protection Anti-enlarged pores Anti-imperfection Anti-marks Anti-recurrence Anti-shine Cleansing Comfort Correcting Exfoliating Long-Lasting Long-wearing Make-Up Removing Mattifying Moisturising Purifying Smoothing Unclogging Unifying UV Protection Acne-Prone Skin Dry SKin Oily Skin Sensitive Cleanser Masks and Exfoliators Moisturiser Serum Toner and Mist Treatment
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