Physiological Foaming Water

Gentle, soap-free, paraben-free cleanser

“believer of quality🙌”

I'm believer of quality. I invest in myself because I know I'm worth it. This product helps my skin stays clear, smooth and glowing.✨

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    Gentle cleanser for sensitive skin.

    Bottle with pump 150ml

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      Sensitive Skin.
      Physiological Foaming Water gently cleanses makeup from sensitive skin.
      Physiological Formulation Charter:
      - Cleansing agents selected for optimal tolerance, high makeup removing power
      - Physiological pH, soap-free, alcohol-free, colorant-free, paraben-free.

      Texture & application

      Use fingertips to apply foam to the whole face.
      Gently massage, then rinse.
      Avoid eye area.
      Physiological Foaming Water packshot from Physiological cleansers, by La Roche-Posay