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Lipikar Lait Urea 5+

Smoothing Soothing Lotion Anti-Flaking Anti-Irritation

“Best EFFECTIVE product ”

My facial skin was always flaky, I struggled to find the right product until I started using this. Lipikar lait urea 5+ has been the most effective product I’ve ever tried and has made my skin 10x better than before. I would recommend anyone with the same problems to use this product.

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Lipikar Lait Urea 5+ is an ultra melt-in smoothing and soothing body lotion to reduce both flakes and irritation of sensitive skin in children, adults and seniors.

Clinically tested on senile xerosis, skin prone to keratosis pilaris and skin prone to psoriaris.
Suitable for the skin of people with diabetes.*

Tested under dermatological control.
Optimal tolerance.

* Study carried out on 40 diabetics whose skin did not present lesions.

400ml pomp-bottle & 200ml tube

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    Sensitive very dry, rough and flaky skin in children, adults and seniors.
    Roughnesses of the body (arms, elbows, legs).

    Helps to remove flakes to smooth, soften rough areas and reduce the granular appearance of the skin. Provides long-lasting nourishment to the skin.
    Soothes irritations due to skin dryness.

    A highly effective formula thanks to the combination of 5% Urea and an exfoliating factor, with optimal tolerance for sensitive skin.
    Enriched with Allantoin to soothe irritation due to skin dryness.

    Product efficacy


    For 100% of subjects:
    - Skin is smoother
    - Skin is soother
    - Skin texture appears refined

    Pleasant application*
    For 100% of subjects:
    - Texture is easy to apply and spread
    - Texture leaves a velvety touch

    Clinical evaluation**
    -98% skin dryness right after application of Lipikar Lait Urea 5+

    *Consumer test on n = 54 adults with very dry skin, daily use, self assessment after the 1st use and 28 days and consumer test on n = 54 children with dry to very dry skin, daily use, self assessment after the 1st use and 14 days
    **Clinical evaluation of the skin dryness according to the Dermascore®

    Texture & application

    Ultra melt-in formula. Non-greasy, non-sticky finish.
    Apply once or twice a day with gentle massage movements preferably after cleansing.
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    ImgIngredient_5% UREA + EXFOLIATING FACTOR

    The reference smoothing active combined with an exfoliating factor to boost the efficacy.


    A soothing active that helps to reduce irritation due to skin dryness.