Cicaplast Lips

Barrier repairing balm

    This repairing barrier balm soothes, protects and rebuilds the epidermis on chapped, cracked and irritated lips and zones, thanks to its formula concentrated up to 5% of soothing and repairing Panthénol, and enriched with MP-Lipids, pro-hydration active ingredient, in a breakthrough highly filmogenic formula, ultra-comfortable and protective.

    Tube 7.5ml.

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      Lips and chapped, cracked, irritated zones.
      Children and adults.
      Apply as often as necessary.
      A new generation of barrier-texture:
      Its barrier texture isolates against aggressions, repairs and soothes immediately.
      INNOVATION MP-lipids: Helps to repair skin’s protective barrier in its different dimensions, associated to [Panthenol 5%] for an immediate relief.

      Product efficacy

      Tested on the most vulnerable lips…
      Tested on the lips of patients taking isotretinoin, an anti-acne treatment known to cause skin dryness, Cicaplast Lips proved to be effective for:

      - limiting dehydration in the short term
      - contributing to the cutaneous barrier reconstruction in depth
      - immediately favoring soothing sensations
      - lastingly improving cutaneous comfort

      Protocol: Use test under dermatological control, on 32 subjects under isotretinoine treatment. 4 weeks use.

      Texture & application

      Apply as often as necessary.
      Cicaplast Lips packshot from Cicaplast, by La Roche-Posay