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Effaclar K (+)

Oily skin renovating care anti-oxidation anti-sebum 8hr.

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Effaclar K (+) packshot from Effaclar, by La Roche-Posay

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Age: 30-39 years


“ Best cream for daoly use ”

Out of all effrclair creams that I’ve been using, this one helped me the most! My skin tone got better and I’m finally not getting comedones! I love it!!


Age: 20-29 years


“ Effaclar is a multipurpose product ”

I like the whole Effaclar line, since it takes care of the skin with break-outs and and nourishes intensively at the same time. K (+) line is usually highly recommended by dermatologists. And it’s been suggested to me too. I enjoy the effect it gives.

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