“The itchiness finally stopped!”

Img_“The itchiness finally stopped!”

After spending her holidays in the sun, where she swam daily in a chlorinated pool, Christine’s scalp started to feel tight and itchy. The irritation persisted so she made an appointment with dermatologist. Today, the irritation and itchiness have finally stopped, thanks to treatments for a sensitive scalp.


Christine, when did your scalp start to itch?

About a year ago, when I came back from holiday.  I had spent 3 weeks in the south of France with my husband and two daughters in a house that we rented, with a swimming pool. I spent most of my time in the sun and in the pool, without protecting my hair. Although I protected my skin, I didn’t even think about protecting my hair. Moreover, I washed my hair more often than usual, in order to eliminate the chlorine. However, I used rather abrasive products that were really harsh on my scalp, which ended up contributing to the itchiness.


In addition to the itchiness, did your scalp feel tight or was it flaky?

Yes, my scalp itched all the time and when I scratched my head, flaky dandruff fell onto my shoulders. When I tried to massage my head to relax my scalp, even the roots of my hair felt painful. As time went by, the itchiness only got worse. My scalp was extremely dry, irritated and sensitive.

The solution

What did you do?

After hoping that it would simply go away, I made an appointment with a dermatologist. Now, I only use gentle shampoo for a sensitive scalp with a physiological pH. That has made a huge difference! I also take good care of myself in general: I exercise, eat well-balanced meals and try to avoid stress! Outcome: the itchiness has finally gone away! The tightness and flaky dandruff are also gone.

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