“My skin’s comfort has been restored!”

Img_“My skin’s comfort has been restored!”

After holidaying in the tropics, Jeanne’s skin was completely dehydrated. To find a way to restore its suppleness, she went to see a pharmacist. A few days later, her skin’s balance was restored. This is her testimonial.


Jeanne, how did your skin become dehydrated?

My skin is normally quite supple. I can’t complain! But this summer, I spent ten days in the Seychelles with my husband and it is there that my skin started to become dehydrated. The weather was very hot and I was careful to protect my face and body with sun cream, but I felt like my skin didn't really like the climate much.


How did this dehydration manifest itself?

Despite the sun tan I got, my skin was really dull and lacked radiance. And it constantly felt tight. In fact, it felt like I had a stiff mask on my face. Some fine lines also appeared, particularly along the eye contour and around the mouth. In fact, it really felt like my skin was lacking water and hydration. But frankly I didn’t know how to resolve the problem.

The solution

So what did you decide to do?

A few days after I got back from my holiday, I went to the pharmacy where they suggested quite a plan of attack to rehydrate my skin. I replaced my usual skincare product with one specially designed for dehydrated skin and started removing my make-up with a suitable cleanser. These measures were very effective, in just a few days my skin’s comfort was fully restored!

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