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Eczema at bedtime

Night time can be a tricky time of day. On the one hand, you get to snuggle up in bed and dream of just about anything. On the other, when you have eczema, you can get woken up over and over by annoying itching attacks… leaving you yawning the next day at school.
So what’s the best way to make sure you get a restful night?

Prepare for sleep with the right routine

Sticking to the same routine every night helps you enjoy a refreshing night’s rest. One good idea is to start with a lukewarm bath. Remember to wash with the Syndet and put your Baume on after. Next, pick an activity that helps you relax. Perhaps you enjoy a bedtime story with your parent, or simply reading on your own. Try not to use too many bright screens like phones, tablets or the TV - their blue light makes your brain think it’s morning!

Stay cool and fresh in bed

Getting too hot is often the cause of night time itching. In winter, make sure the heating isn’t turned up too high and don’t pile on too many blankets either. Try wearing your cotton pyjamas inside out to avoid scratchy seams. In summer, you can sleep with the window open and there’s no need to wear any PJs at all. Stay cool and let your skin breathe!


Keep your Stick by your bed

Even with an A+ routine and perfect pyjamas, there’s always a chance you will wake up itching. Don’t panic! Just grab your Stick, swirl it around on the itch and you’ll be soothed in no time. If you have trouble getting back to sleep, try reading for a little while or ask your parent to give you a milky drink.

Night time can be tough when you have eczema. But with the right routine and some preparation, you can help make nights more calm and restful. And remember, when you itch, grab the Stick!


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