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Eczema and sports

Are you a basketball bouncer, a disco dancer or a kung fu master? There are so many sports out there to enjoy - and eczema should never get in the way of having fun - so here’s a quick guide to care for your skin like a champion!


There’s nothing quite like gliding through the water like a fish. But a little care is needed as both swimming pool and sea water can annoy your eczema. Before you dive in, put some Baume on. After you get out, rinse off in the shower, then reapply some Baume on your eczema.

Getting your kit on

If you play football, judo or do ballet etc., you might have to wear a kit or special clothes. Often these outfits are made out of polyester (rather than skin’s breathable best friend, cotton Link to relevant clothes article paragraph) and this can make them feel scratchy! So always apply the Baume before you get your kit on. And try wearing a cotton vest or T shirt underneath anything that isn’t made of cotton to protect your skin.


If you don’t have a special kit to wear, loose-fitting shorts and a t-shirt would be a good choice. They will help you stay cool, plus a little bit of sun is great for your eczema! But if the sun is strong, remember you need to put on sun cream every 2 hours, and don’t forget your hat and sunglasses!


Working up a sweat

Whatever sport you choose, make sure you do a nice slow warm-up to avoid getting too hot too quickly which can make skin start to itch. Be sure to take little breaks when you can to drink water and cool off. A great tip is to refresh skin with a thermal water spray during your breaks! Sweat can also make your eczema worse if it stays on skin too long. Rinse it off in a lukewarm shower (about 32°C for 5-10 minutes), pat skin dry with a cotton towel and be sure to put some Baume on after.

It’s ok to sit out sometimes

Sport and exercise are wonderful for your health and happiness. But occasionally your best bet is to cheer your friends on from the side-lines. Here’s when:
- on the hottest and coldest days of the year
- when your eczema has got infected
- when you have scratched so much your skin is red raw
- when you are having an eczema flare-up (a super itchy few days)


The secret weapon in your pocket

Whatever sport you are playing, keep your Stick in your pocket. If you feel an itch, grab it and swirl it around on your skin to zap itches in their tracks!

Remember Croco’s golden rule: “Never let eczema stand in your way. Just find ways round it!” That way you can concentrate on becoming a sports’ champion… Or at least have fun trying!

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