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Pigmentation disorders: spots and a dull, greyish complexion

Img_Pigmentation disorders: spots and a dull, greyish complexion

More than 200 million women* currently suffer from pigmentation disorders.
An increasing number of them are consulting dermatologists to treat these changes in complexion, which affect their well-being.
In light of this issue, La Roche-Posay has added a new product to its Pigmentclar range (specially designed to target pigmentation disorders), namely Pigmentclar UV SPF 30, an innovative correcting and complexion-evening product that offers comprehensive treatment for pigmentation disorders.
*Top10 - TNS Sofres studies.

The Causes

Skin subject to daily stress

The main sources of the external stress suffered by skin are pollution and long UVA rays. The combination of pollution and long UVA rays produces free radicals, thereby generating oxidative stress, which leads to pigmentation disorders.
Result: the complexion is less even due to the appearance of spots. The skin becomes grey, dull and uneven.

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71% of French women* say that pollution is a factor that negatively impacts their beauty.
*TNS Top beauty challenges - France

La Roche-Posay's solution: PIGMENTCLAR UV SPF 30

Targeting and treating pigmentation disorders

Drawing on their anti-UV expertise and knowledge of pigmentation disorders, La Roche-Posay formulated a new dermatological and correcting anti-spot and anti-grey complexion product to provide a comprehensive solution:

  • Protecting against the effects of pollution through a texture that limits the adhesion of polluting particles
  • Tackling long UVA rays through an innovative filtering UVB SPF 30 - UVA PPD 15 system to prevent the appearance of spots and correct a grey and dull complexion.
  • Fighting oxidation through the product's complex [ginkgo + ferulic acid]: Gingko protects the skin from free radicals, and ferulic acid combats an uneven complexion and the appearance of spots.

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Proven effectiveness in demand among women*

, the complexion is more radiant. The skin is protected and therefore has a greater resistance to developing spots and a greyish complexion. Better protected, the skin is less affected by spots and a greyish complexion.

After just 4 weeks
, spots are substantially reduced** (-26.2%) and the skin is more even over the long term.

More than 80% of women
find their skin to be more even*.
*Cosmetic clinical study on 51 women, self-assessment at T0 and T4 weeks.

**40 patients, instrumental measurements on 40 women. CCL study on 40 subjects and effectiveness maintained until two weeks after stopping its use over eight weeks.

Practical aspects

A product that is easily incorporated into the skincare and beauty routine

Pigmentclar UV SPF 30 is added to the daily Pigmentclar routine to target pigmentation disorders 24/7.

  • In the morning, when combined with Pigmentclar Eyes, Pigmentclar UV SPF 30 protects the skin against external stress.
  • In the evening, for an intensive treatment of spots present on the face and lower neckline, apply Pigmentclar Serum and Pigmentclar Eyes.

For optimal protection against UVA and UVB rays in the summer, add suitable sunscreen to your Pigmentclar beauty routine.

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