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Anti-aging care for sensitive skin: Directions for use

Img_Anti-aging care for sensitive skin: Directions for use

A gust of wind, a ray of sunshine, a too-spicy dish, an emotion... while other skins lead “normal lives,” sensitive skin sees red for nothing. As it is more fragile, these daily aggressors make it weaker. Often intolerant of conventional anti-wrinkle skincare products, it is less well prepared for resisting the passage of time. In addition to wrinkles and loss of firmness, it is subject to persistent redness that makes it less uniform. Today, specific treatments have been developed to meet all the anti-aging needs of sensitive skin.

Gentle formulas

No need for fire to illuminate your skin

Your aim is to protect and regenerate your sensitive skin. So forget aggressive formulas that strip skin bare and opt for those that truly respect its nature.
Look out for your allies:

  • Redermic [R] : With pure Retinol, combined with Progressive Release Retinol, is at last accessible to even the most intolerant skins.
  • Redermic [C] : With vitamin C dosed at 5% associated with Mannose and Hyaluronic Acid for a gentle action and optimal tolerance.

Effective active ingredients

Be as demanding as your skin

There is nothing second-rate about sensitive skin. Do not simply content yourself with a little. On the contrary, demand the best. Keep your head high and target the benchmark anti-aging active ingredients:

Why? A precursor of pure vitamin A, it acts both on the surface and deep down to smooth and even out the complexion and visibly reduce the depth of wrinkles. Its plus point? Its strong healing properties on clinical signs of aging make it an anti-aging ally of choice.

Vitamin C
- Why? Antioxidant, pro-collagen, a blood vessel strengthener... this molecule can turn its hand to anything! It also acts on microcirculation, collagen, and wrinkles.
- Its plus point? It regenerates itself continuously in contact with enzymes in the skin to deliver its anti-aging benefits throughout the day.

A global action

Time waits for no man—neither does your skin

An anti-aging corrective action is either global, or it’s not! Wrinkles, loss of firmness, and a less uniform complexion are all phenomena that your anti-aging skincare product needs to address.

The winning combination: Redermic [R] once a day + Redermic [C] daily as complementary day care.
The result: Early age spots and redness are reduced, the complexion is more even, fine lines are smoothed, deep wrinkles are corrected, the skin is firmer, and its texture is improved (pores are tightened, finer appearance).

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