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Redermic R Eyes

Dermatological Anti-Aging Concentrate

    Smooth and lift skin of the eye area. Reduce signs of fatigue.

    15ml Tube

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      Sensitive eyes. Signs of photo-aging and fatigue around the eyes: deep wrinkles and dark circles.
      Sensitive eyes innovation: Exclusive retinol complex for a smoothing action, combined with caffeine for an anti-fatigue action, in a fluid and light texture with lifting effect, suitable for sensitive eyes.

      Product efficacy

      Efficacy clinicaly proven on wrinkles, signs of fatigue and dark circles under dermatological control.

      Texture & application

      Use in the morning, massage from the inner corner of the eye, outwards.
      If sensations of discomfort occur during first use, space out applications until the skin adjusts to the Retinol.
      Redermic R Eyes packshot from Redermic, by La Roche-Posay