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Effaclar K (+)

Oily skin renovating care anti-oxidation anti-sebum 8hr.

“Best cream for daoly use”

Out of all effrclair creams that I’ve been using, this one helped me the most! My skin tone got better and I’m finally not getting comedones! I love it!!

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    Skin is renovated, refined, released from recurrent blackheads.


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      Combination to oily skin.
      Recurrent blackheads, irregular skin texture, shine.
      For the 1st time, Effaclar K (+) daily care combines micro-exfoliating LHA with the anti-oxidant, anti-sebum 8hr complex:

      Quickly absorbed ultra-fresh and non-oily aquagel texture.
      All-day moisturization and comfort.


      Product efficacy

      La Roche-Posay Research has shown that, under the effects of external aggressors (pollutant particles, dust...), oily imperfection-prone skin undergoes oxidation, triggering a chain reaction – hyperkeratinisation, sebum hyperproduction, oxidation of sebum and impurities present at skin surface – which can lead to the formation of new imperfections.

      Texture & application

      Apply morning and/or evening to whole face.
      Avoid eye area. Excellent makeup base.
      Effaclar K (+) packshot from Effaclar, by La Roche-Posay