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Lipikar Stick AP+

Anti-itch stick. Anti-irritation. Anti-scratching
Atopic eczema-prone-skin. Babies, children and adults

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Lipikar Stick AP+

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Age: 40-49 years


“ Handy and effective stick to relieve itching ”

My son has been struggling from eczema for a long time now and I've been in search of a good product that will help him relieve the urge to scratch. I was curious when I saw this on Instagram so I gave it a try. It was amazing. I would apply it to my son's dry skin on the neck, elbows, back and back of the knees and it really helped in soothing the flare ups. I always bring it with me anywhere we go coz it's small and can easily fit in my bag. I don't worry about my son getting irritated when we're outdoors coz I have this amazing product with me, all the time.

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