"I have definitively adopted a special nail polish"

Img_"I have definitively adopted a special nail polish"

Sometimes certain beauty whims can become disasters. Nadia dreamt of having perfect nails at all times. Big mistake: you will not catch her trying that again. She had to find a way to give new life to her softened nails and adopt new habits.


Nadia, how important is it to you to have great-looking nails?

I manage a rather chic store in Paris and I have to look impeccable. Manicures are indispensable, but they take so much time! So in 2007 I decided to get gel nails for a French manicure guaranteed to look perfect for at least three weeks. I was thrilled with the results—obviously my nails looked impeccable from morning to night. But when I had the resin removed, my dream turned into a nightmare.


What happened?

My nails had simply gone completely soft. I was advised to cut them really short so that they would regain their strength. Despite this tip, nothing changed. My nails went through every phase: ridges, brittle nails, peeling, etc. It became impossible for me to wear colour nail polish; it barely stayed on for 24 hours before chipping and revealing my far-from-perfect nails.


Did you not find a solution?

I did! I was reading a magazine and I discovered nail polish for fragile nails. I obviously tried it and I was finally able to enjoy the pleasures of coloured nails. My varnish stayed put and I realised that the range of shades was not limited simply to transparent and pastel varnishes. And to my great delight, I noticed an improvement in the overall appearance of my nails after repeated use!

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