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ليبيكار جل لافانت

خالي من الصابون، خالي من البرابين

    Gently cleanses and protects the sensitive skin of the whole family. Respects the physiological pH of the skin. Doesn't sting the eyes.

    400 مل، 750 مل

    إختر متجرك الالكتروني

      اشتري الان


      Sensitive and dry skin of the whole family. Babies, children and adults. Suitable for babie's scalps and intimate areas.
      Contains soothing Niacinamide and lipid-replenishing Shea Butter to help restore the cutaneous barrier.

      الملمس والتطبيق

      Apply daily to the face and body to moist skin. Massage gently. Rinse.
      ليبيكار جل لافانت تعبئة من ليبيكار, من لاروش بوزيه